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Phoenix Cybertech has been at the helm of providing quality transcription and is one of the few companies which has been stable and steadily growing in the transcription industry over the past decade. Phoenix has become the only answer to the questions of quality work and effective turnaround time (TAT).


On receipt of audio recording and stipulated payment, our clock starts ticking and customers can remain assured of accurate transcript output within 24 to 48 hours


Phoenix Cybertech offers the most cost effective solution to meet all your transcription needs and multi-stage review process ensures 99 Plus accuracy throughout the job


We are a HIPAA-compliant medical transcription company that has taken the extra step of creating Team HIPAA, our in- house initiative that closely monitors all federal regulations.

Why Choose Phoenix Cybertech Transcription Services !

Phoenix Cybertech has a state of the art in-house training center which relentlessly produces talented medical language specialists who have a natural flair for medicine and English. These medical language specialists are further promoted into skillful proofreaders, master quality analysts and deft auditors. The sky is the limit for this wonderful team who all unite under the banner called Phoenix Cybertech to live up to the company's motto of 24x7x31x365.

Every document in Phoenix goes through 3 stages from the medical language specialists, to proofreader and finally to the quality analyst. There is absolutely no scope for error once the document passes these 3 levels of check and the end product is a medical document which is 100% error-free and accurate. Also we have a capable team of auditors and team managers who keep a check on in-house quality and production from time to time.

Phoenix Cybertech specializes in all forms of medical documents like Preoperative History and Physical, Transfer Summaries, Progress Notes, Operative reports, History and Physical reports, Discharge summaries among others with extremely low turnaround times. Our team is capable of delivering STAT reports with the fastest TAT.

Phoenix Cybertech are the pioneers when it comes to handling speech recognition reports as we train our medical language specialists well in handling such documents and teach them the skills of attention to details in proofreading.